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Isamu color card

Isamu color card

Isamu Raya Paint as one of the paint manufacturer in Indonesia, need some new color card to compliment their paint products. The color card will make customer easier to pick up which color they need. It is also a way to communicate the product specification.

There are 3 brands : Neoart, Sonalex and Arttex. Neoart paint is more suitable for wood and iron surfaces. Sonalex specializes in interior paint. Arttex is applicable for cars. The image on the cover is chosen to represent the nature of each brand.

At the back of the card there are some description about the paint and how to use them. There is also a space for stores name and contact. The design comes in 2 sizes : A4 for Neoart and Sonalex, A5 for Arttex.

The Color Guide logo is created as an identity for every color card from Isamu Raya Paint. I choose a circle shape with rainbow color surrounding the Color Guide wording, to give it a dynamic and simple modern look. It represent a swash of paint,

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